Jewelry Party Games

Today, many people are earning their incomes in non-traditional employment. Hosting jewelry parties is one of the ways that stay-at-home moms and dads can make ends meet.

These popular parties attract people looking for great gifts, sometimes to give themselves and sometimes to give to others.

To make your jewelry party successful, you need some great jewelry party games to liven up the fun.

Here are a couple of ideas to start your creative juices flowing:

Glam Photo Shoot:

This game can be a great incentive for friends to purchase jewelry because they will get to see the impact the jewels have on their appearance.

  • If possible, have a good amateur photographer attend to take the shots, but if you don't have that option, just concentrate on taking the best pictures you possibly can.

  • Lay out assorted jewelry items and let each guest, one at a time, drape themselves in as much glam as they wish.

  • Then use a Polaroid instant photo camera to take photos of each guest in their full glamour.

  • The guests will have a great time watching each other dress in the jewels and suggest to one another which ones look best on them.

  • Let each guest take their photo home as a party favor.

  • Your sales will soar because touching and feeling the items will make the desire to own them even greater!


The Crown Jewels:

Locate a pin or brooch that looks like a crown or create one from paper which will then correspond with a nice gift.

  • In numerous small boxes, place faux gems, small charms, and in a few boxes, place pieces of jewelry.

  • In only one box will the "crown jewels" be found and the goal of the guests is to get that box.

  • Begin by allowing each guest to select one box from the stack of small boxes.

  • Explain the goal.

  • Then, select a guest to begin.

  • They can either open their box or trade it for any other box in the room, opening the one they trade for.

  • They must decide if they feel the crown jewels are in their box or not.

  • The process continues until each guest has opened a box, whether it was the one they originally selected or one they traded with another guest.

  • The guest who gets the crown jewels gets to be crowned with a faux crown and named "Queen for the Hour".

  • Other guests should then call them Queen, bow and treat them as if they were royalty during the remaining portion of the next hour.

  • Those guests who opened boxes with jewelry items are named "Ladies in Waiting" and must serve the Queen while the remaining guests are named "Peasants" and must pile their faux gems at the Queen's feet.

It's all a great deal of fun for everyone involved.